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the Rhys Davies Trust



  • The Withered Root (London: Robert Holden, 1927; New York: Holt, 1928).
  • Rings on her Fingers (London: Harold Shaylor, 1930; New York:, Harcourt Brace, 1930; collector’s edn. In slip-case, signed by the author and limited to 175 copies, Harold Shaylor, 1930; Bath: Chivers, 1969, Portway Reprints).
  • Count your Blessings (London: Putnam, 1932; New York: Covici Friede, 1933).
  • The Red Hills (London: Putnam, 1932; New York: Covici Friede, 1933; German edn. Leipzig: Tauchnitz, 1934; Bath: Chivers, 1970, Portway Reprints).
  • Two Loves I Have (London: Cape, 1933; written under the pseudonym Owen Pitman).
  • Honey and Bread (London: Putnam, 1932; Bath: Chivers, 1970, Portway Reprints).
  • A Time to Laugh (London: Heinemann, 1937; New York, Stackpole, 1938; cheap edn., 1938).
  • Jubilee Blues (London: Heinemann, 1938; Bath, Chivers, 1969, Portway Reprints).
  • Under the Rose (London: Heinemann, 1940; adapted for the stage as No Escape (see below).
  • Tomorrow to Fresh Woods (London: Heinemann, 1941).
  • The Black Venus (London: Heinemann, 1944; New York: Howell Soskin, 1946; Readers’ Union, 1948; Pan Books, 1950; Bath, Chivers, 1966, Portway Reprints); Danish trans. Kirsten Heerup, Den sorte Venus (Copenhagen: P.Branner, 1947); Swedish trans. Nils Holmberg, Den svarta Venus (Stockholm: Fritzes Bokforlog; Helsingfors: Söderström, 1948).
  • The Dark Daughters (London: Heinemann, 1947; New York, Doubleday, 1948; Reader’s Union, 1948); Swedish trans. Eva Marstander, De mörka döttrarna (Stockholm: Folket I bilds forlag, 1951).
  • Marianna (London: Heinemann, 1951; New York: Doubleday, 1952; Popular Library, 1952).
  • The Painted King (London: Heinemann, 1954; cheap edn., 1965; New York, Doubleday, 1954)
  • The Perishable Quality (London: Heinemann, 1957; cheap edn., 1959).
  • Girl Waiting in the Shade (London: Heinemann, 1960; Norwegian trans. Elizabeth Kostøl, Oslo: Green, 1969).
  • Nobody Answered the Bell (London: Heinemann, 1971; New York: Dodd, Mead, 1971).
  • Honeysuckle Girl (London: Heinemann, 1975).
  • Ram with Red Horns (Bridgend: Seren, 1996; with an introduction by Philippa Davies).

Stories and Novellas

  • The Song of Songs and Other Stories (London: E.Archer, 1927; edn. Limited to 900 copies and a signed edn. Of 100 copies, with a portrait of the author by William Robers; some copies have a blue cover with label).
  • Aaron (Lodon: E.Archer, 1927; a privately printed edn. Of 100 copies).
  • A Bed of Feathers: A Dramatic Story of Love in the Welsh Coalfield (London: The Mandrake Press, 1929; with a wood engraving by Lionel Ellis; reprinted, New York: Black Hawk Press, in an edn. Of 900 copies; 1935, a private edn. For subscribers, limited to 900 copies).
  • Tale (London: E. Lahr, 1930; the second of the Blue Moon booklets; 100 copies for sale; another version, unnumbered and in a smaller format; this story was also published in New York by Black Hawk Press in 1935).
  • The Stars, the World, and the Women (London: William Jackson, 1930; number 4 of the Furnival Books, printed at the Chiswick Press in an edn . of 550 copies, signed by the author, of which 500 were for sale, with a forewood by Liam O’Flaherty and an illustration by Frank C. Papé).
  • A Pig in a Poke (London: Joiner & Steele, 1931; an edn. Limited to 1000 numbered copies; a signed edn. Of 70 copies, of which nos. 1 to 50 were for sale in Britain and nos. 51 to 70 in the USA).
  • Arfon (London: W, and G. Foyle, 1931; an edn. Of 400 numbered copies and 12 copies lettered A to L and signed by the author; a much longer version of the story Aaron).
  • A Woman (London: Capell at the Bronze Snail Press, 1931; 165 copies for sale, each numbered and signed by the author, and 17 copies for presentation and lettered A to L).
  • Daisy Matthews and Three Other Tales (Waltham St Lawrence: Golden Cockerel Press, 1932; an edn. Limited to 325 copies, with wood engravings by Agnes Miller Parker and in a slip-case).
  • Love Provoked (London: Putnam, 1933) includes A Bed of Feathers.
  • One of Norah’s Early Days (London: Grayson & Grayson, 1935, in the Grayson Book series, with a frontispiece by Joy Lloyd; an edn. Of 285 copies, of which 250, numbered and signed by the author, were for sale).
  • A Bed of Feathers (New York: Black Hawk Press, 1935, a private edn. For subscribers and limited to 900 copies). 
  • The Things Men Do (London: Heinemann, 1936).
  • The Skull (Chepstow: Tintern Press, 1936; 95 copies bound in buckram and 15 in pigskin, with wood engravings by Sylvia Marshall).
  • A Finger in Every Pie (London: Heinemann, 1942).
  • Selected Stories (London and Dublin: Maurice Fridberg, 1945; a paperback in the Hour-Glass Library, containing 10 stories).
  • A Trip to London (London: Heinemann, 1946; New York: Howell Soskin, 1946; Bath: Chivers, 1966, Portway Reprints).
  • Boy with a Trumpet (London: Heinemann, 1949; New York: Doubleday, 1951; the British edn. Contains 12 stories and the American, which has an introduction by Bucklin Moon, 20 stories); German trans. Siegfried Schmitz, De Jung emit der Trompete (Munich: Nymphenburger Verlagshandl, 1960).
  • The Collected Stories of Rhys Davies (London: Heinemann, 1955; has a short preface by the author and contains 43 stories).
  • The Darling of her Hear and Other Stories (London: Heinemann, 1958); Hungarian trans. Klára Szöllösy, A mama kedvence (Budapest: Európa, 1959).
  • The Chosen One and Other Stories (London: Heinemann, 1967; New York: Dodd, Mead, 1969).
  • The Best of Rhys Davies: A Personal Collection of Short Stories (Newton Abbot and London: David & Charles, 1979; contains 12 stories).
  • Rhys Davies: Collected Stories (Llandysul: Gomer Press, vols. 1 and 2, 1996, vol.3, 1998), compiled and with an introduction by Meic Stephens; contains 101 stories.
  • A Human Condition: Selected Stories (Cardiff: Parthian, 2001).


  • The Woman among Women (London: E. Lahr; Blue Moon poem for Christmas 1931; 100 signed copies; also an edn. Of 100 copies with drawing by Frederick Carter).
  • ‘Introduction’ to Liam O’Flaherty, The Wild Swan and Other Stories (London: Joiner & Steele, 1932).
  • My Wales (London: Jarrolds, 1937; New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1938).
  • Y Ferch o Gen Ydfa (Liverpool: Brython, 1938); Welsh trans. By T.J. Williams-Hughes of an otherwise unpublished play. The original English verison was staged at least three times: it ran for a week in October 1952 at the Empire Theatre, Tonypandy, then at the Town Hall in Pontypridd, with the young actor David Lyn taking the part of Wil Hopkin, then at the Astoria Theatre in Llanelli.
  • Sea Urchin: Adventures of Jörgen Jögensen (London: Duckworth, 1940); Icelandic trans. Jörundur hundadagakongur, aevinityri hans og aeviraunir (Reykjavik: Bókfellsútgáfan, 1943).
  • The Story of Wales (London: Collins, 1943; in the Britain in Pictures series; New York: Howell Soskin, 1946).
    No escape (London: Evans Brothers, 1955); a play in 3 acts, in collaboration with Archibald Batty, adapted from the novel Under the Rose.
  • Print of a Hare’s Foot: An Autobiographical Beginning (London: Heinemann 1969); republished in the Seren Classic series, with an introduction by Simon Baker, 1998.
  • ‘Introduction’, and (ed.), Anna Kavan, Julia and the Bazooka (London: Owen, 1970).
  • ‘Introduction’ and (ed.), Anna Kavan, My Soul in China (London: Owen, 1975).
  • A selection of Rhys Davie’s contributions to books and periodicals, together with reviews and articles about his work, are listed in John Harris, A Bibliographical Guide to Twenty-four Modern Anglo-Welsh Writers (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1994).