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the Rhys Davies Trust

Guidance on Funding

All enquiries should be addressed in the first instance to the Secretary, Peter Finch, 3 Bronwydd Avenue, Penylan, Cardiff CF23 5JP

Correspondence can be sent either by email to secretary@rhysdaviestrust.org or by post. 

If sent by postal means, we would appreciate it if you included a SAE.

Your application will be forwarded as soon as possible to all Trustees and Board Members.

It should set out clearly the nature of the project for which financial support is sought, provide all other relevant details such as finance from other sources, and state the sum requested.

Please note that the Trust does not help with the cost of academic fees or research, nor does it offer bursaries and travel-grants. The Trust makes a distinction between the parameters of its work and those of other bodies such as Literature Wales and the Welsh Books Council.

Preference will be given to projects having to do with the English-language culture and literature of Wales, especially the Valleys of the South and, in particular, with the life and work of Rhys Davies. Above all, our special interest is in promoting projects in the English language.

We prefer to co-operate with other bodies whenever possible but that does not preclude our working with individuals or groups.

Suggestions as to how the Trust might develop its work are always welcome.

Further advice can be requested from the Secretary. Please do not contact the Trustees or Board Members directly.